Our Equines


Benji is 13 years old was the very first equine to join Hope Rising. Rachel bought him off Trademe for $50 in 2012. He has impacted the lives of many people since. He loves to jump and go for walks over the farm and sometimes gets into mischief due to his slightly cheeky personality.


Maxi is 9 years old and is the smallest of our equine team. He loves attention, is very easy going, loves to be involved with activities, and also likes to stand in water troughs to cool his feet. He jumps almost everything you point him at and will walk into the tack shed with you without hesitation (or into Rachel's kitchen!)


Geronimo is approximately 10 years old.
He was donated to us in 2019 with overgrown hooves and other signs of neglect. After lots of tender love and care he is now a happy, cruisy fellow who loves to be part of our activities.  


Tango is 9 years old and our resident clown!
He was donated to us in 2020 and has a very engaging personality. He has a very active brain so we are constantly thinking up new ideas to challenge him. He loves jumping and anything that gives him attention and is a favorite of many of our students.


Tilly is 8 years old. She is a Kaimanawa
and was mustered in 2014.
She has a very affectionate personality, loves attention and when we're out and about on the farm she always comes over to be stroked and talked to as much as possible. She is very gentle and has a lot more ‘woah’ than ‘go’. 
She is a great learners pony and
very safe for our students to ride.

Huey & Soda

Huey & Soda came to us from a petting zoo that closed down. As far as we know they have been together their whole lives. While they enjoy going for walks on the farm they mostly prefer cuddles, being brushed and being fed!