Our New Farm!


We, at Hope Rising Farm Charitable Trust are incredibly excited to announce we have been able to secure our new home! 

The property has been purchased by private investors specifically for Hope Rising Farm’s use and is on
approximately 25 acres of landjust down the road from where we are currently operating. 
There will be quite a bit of work still to do before we will be able to move into our new home but we are more than thrilled
knowing that we will now have a more permanent location to base ourselves. Our programmes will, for the time being, continue to be
run at our current location but we will advise all our clients ahead of time when we start to run our programmes from our new base.
Many thanks to all of you who have been so supportive in our endeavour to find a new home and be assured that as soon as we possibly can,
we will have an open day to celebrate – so keep your eyes posted for the invitation!
The new property will enable us to increase our equine herd and will also enable us to look at opportunities for new programme options.
There will also be fresh opportunities for supporting us in a variety of areas including volunteering for helping out with getting the property ready so we can move,
assisting us with looking after our equines, helping out on the programmes, prayer support, financial support, just to name a few areas!  
We will be posting regular updates on progress made! Check it out below!


We look forward to telling you more!

The Hope Rising Farm Team

Upgrading the Horse Barn!
The horse barn will be our new tack and feed centre, it will also be an indoor space for programmes.
The whole inside needed gutted and the floor desperately needed leveled. Some amazing volunteers from Rotary Sunrise
came and completed our first project of upgrading the outside of the barn! 


Upgrading the Half-round Barn!
The half-round barn was full of old scrap wood and needed a huge clear out. The space will be used to future engineering projects.
We were extremely blessed to have Floyd from FoleyCrete donate his time and materials to put a new concrete floor in!


Building and Fencing Removal!
 Almost all the fencing around the property and paddocks needs torn down and replaced which is a massive job!
The shed in pictures below needed taken down completely to make room for future buildings.