"These guys do an amazing job using horses to educate and heal young people that haven't had the best start in life. Hope Rising Farm Trust is a wonderful trust to be involved with and support, run by a very inspirational woman working hard to make a difference."

April Hickman


“Coming out here has been a blessing for me. Tilly (one of our ponies) brought me so much peace spending time with her and bringing me out of the dark. Thank you.” 

  • “Hope Rising is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

  • “The thing that made me gain confidence was repeating the things that didn’t make me feel comfortable.”

  • The Buddy’s helped us a lot. They made me feel capable and smart.”   

  • “Hope Rising is a safe place to be myself."

  • “To help me remember parts of the horse, I keep saying it in my head until I remember”   

  • “To overcome challenges I learnt to be courageous and persistent” 

  • “ To help me with my challenges, I just need to keep turning up
    and getting use the animals a little bit more each day.”  

  • “I learnt not to give up so readily-if at first I don’t succeed, try again!
    Or in Tango’s case, try try, try again!”  

  • “I loved the gentle challenges that were set, and I never felt alone in meeting the challenges.
    Rachel was always a shout away just in case.” 

  • “Hope Rising is a beautiful, safe, nurturing, encouraging, caring and accepting place.  

  • I learnt a lot about the horses, myself and other people.
    I feel like I have a foundation to continue working from.
    I have more self-confidence and self-worth.”


  • “Tilly – absolutely fell in love with her; Huey and Soda – Adorable donkeys;
    Maxi and Mr G – so so cute. Thank you beautiful ladies of Hope Rising Farms.
    Had the best 2 hrs – very calming and peaceful."

  • "I was sad to leave.” 

  • “I felt appreciated.”

  • “I’m not scared anymore.”

  • “I felt confident and learned new skills.”-

  • “I would recommend Hope Rising to my friends and tell them that you
    learn a lot from coming here and you get comfortable.”

  • “At the start I was nervous with the horses but at the end I felt knowledgeable.”

  • “I was challenged to be courageous and persistent.”

  • "You learn a lot and create more friendships.”

  • "I learned breathing, leadership, being open and communication.”


We often receive feedback that warm our hearts and reinforce why we do what we do! Here are some:

“Since our child has been going to Hope Rising Farm she is a lot better within herself and she is gaining more confidence to try new things. Our child is having less meltdowns as we prep our child for each Friday for visiting the farm. From our child’s first visit where she wouldn’t get out of our car, to now getting out of the car, walking into the paddock and sitting at the table, our child enjoys colouring in the pictures and even now walking the miniature ponies and donkeys and feeding them as well. Finally, we would like to thank the staff at Hope Rising Farm for their support and help working with our child and us, and we would recommend this wonderful place, Hope Rising Farm to anyone who needs pony/therapy for their children in need.”  



“This place has been amazing for T, we have tried so many different things to help. Before visiting Hope Rising Farm, we couldn’t just go anywhere. We had to prepare for a week and if we didn’t T would have a meltdown which could last up to two hours or more. T couldn’t cope with going to new places, try new things, wouldn’t make eye contact or even speak to people. Since going to the farm T has become a totally different kid, from hardly talking, to not being quiet. Also, going to a restaurant for lunch which we couldn’t do before.The biggest thing is she is having less meltdowns and is now making eye contact and saying a few words to people. The first time I took her to the farm she wouldn’t even get out of the car, now she can’t wait to get to arrive."