Items you can sponsor:

  • Sponsoring a vulnerable young person for Time Out with Horses 

  • Sponsor a woman on our Time Out With Horses for Women. 

  • Make a general donation for OPERATIONAL costs.

  • Contribute to donate to a new FARM  and permanent home.

  • Contribute to or fund a PROJECT (We have lots!) 

  • Contribute to or fund EQUIPMENT 

  • Contribute to or fund a PONY or DONKEY'S health and well being.

  • Contribute to or fund a STAFF member (currently our Buddy's work part time or full time and take time off work to come and work with our students!) 

  • Details of any of these are readily available please ask us. 

Hope Rising Farm Charitable Trust CC 49073 is a faith based organisation currently relying on volunteer efforts, grants and donations from dedicated individuals, supporters such as Trusts, government partners.

We do have a plan to be self sufficient however!