Hope Rising Farm Charitable Trust CC 49073 is a faith based organisation currently relying on volunteer efforts,
grants and donations from dedicated individuals, supporters such as Trusts, government partners.

We do have a plan to be self sufficient however!

Items you can sponsor:

  • Sponsoring a vulnerable young person for Time Out with Horses 

  • Sponsor a woman on our Time Out With Horses for Women. 

  • Make a general donation for OPERATIONAL costs.

  • Contribute to donate to a new FARM  and permanent home.

  • Contribute to or fund a PROJECT (We have lots!) 

  • Contribute to or fund EQUIPMENT 

  • Contribute to or fund a PONY or DONKEY'S health and well being.

  • Contribute to or fund a STAFF member (currently our Buddy's work part time or full time and take time off work to come and work with our students!) 
    Details of any of these are readily available please ask us.