What We Do

Time Out with Horses.

This is our main programme for one or two vulnerable youth with a ‘Buddy’ and a pony or donkey. It is a concentrated time for fun and learning while gaining farm skills and experiences. A student also gets hands-on with our fabulous horses and donkeys while gaining confidence.


Students don’t need to have had experience with horses. We explore topics such as Trust, Identity, Life's Challenges, Friendships, Responsibility, Identity, Anxiety, Facing Fears and more. The ponies and donkeys help the students learn these skills in a tangible way.


All our work is ‘on the ground’, meaning students do not get to ride, however, at the end of our term they are encouraged to ride on their last session.


Time Out With Horses is based on four hours together, for 10 sessions and is flexible so we can adapt to each participant.  

Every student goes through Orientation and a Safety session, Horsemanship 101, and the programme includes three aspects:

  • Farm Tasks: These are age-appropriate and encompassed as we go. We encourage an active interest in farming practices and the country environment.

  • Equine Time: Horses and donkeys are wonderful teachers if we let them ‘speak’ to us. They reflect to the students insights about themselves and help create awareness of things such as personal space, body language, and the ability to manage emotions. We start with simple activities and as confidence grows they can be challenging and thought-provoking.

  • Debrief Time: We talk about what we have done together and enjoyed and discuss potentially useful ideas to take home or school life. 

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