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Holiday Programme

In our holiday programme school-aged participants come for 3 days a week and have fun with animals, gain confidence and learn about themselves as we teach horsemanship
and farm skills with lots of group challenges and fun as we go.

Activities Include: 

● grooming horses and preparing feeds
● leading skills and maneuvering over obstacles

● riding the horses
● painting and dressing up horses
● animal hang out and cuddle time
● animal clicker skills
● bush walks and compass skills
● non-horse games and working with dogs
● relays and horse games
● tyre dragging and egg ‘n’ spoon races
● adventures up into the hills 


Participants get to work with a range of animals including miniature horses, donkeys, ponies and larger horses. We have lots of laughs and jokes, build strong, trusting connections with the animals and make lots of friends!

We have a team of leaders who work in small groups with the participants and we love getting to know the kids and having lots of fun with them!
It is always a bit of a tear-jerker when we have to leave on the last day!​

If you would like more photos and info about our Horse Holiday Programmes
go to our Facebook page @Hope Rising Farm Trust


Holiday programmes run between each school term. Spaces are limited. 

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