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Meet Our Equines



Tango was born in 2011 and our resident clown! He was donated to us in 2020 and has a very engaging personality. He has a very active brain so we are constantly thinking up new ideas to challenge him.
He doesn't enjoy standing still, but he does love jumping and anything that gives him attention. He is a favorite of many of our students.



Maxi was born in 2014 and is the smallest of our equine team. He loves attention, is not phased by anything and will do any activity you point him at. He is good at escaping his paddock and loves going
for a run or jumping!



Geronimo was born in 2003 approximately. He was donated to us in 2019 and wasn't in the best condition. After lots of tender love and care he is now a happy, cruisy fellow who loves to be part of our activities. 



Lacey was born in 2006 and arrived to us in March 2022. She is a minature pony and was kindly gifted to us. Lacey is a very fast learner. She loves her equine friends and always gives a gentle neigh to them when they walk by. She has a very young, gentle spirit which makes her a popular choice among students.



Soda & Huey were born approximately 2011 and came to us from a petting zoo that closed down. As far as we know they have been together their whole lives. Soda loves being cuddled and brushed (his favourite is ear massages) He is also very talented at stealing lunches! 



Huey & Soda came to us from a petting zoo that closed down. As far as we know they have been together their whole lives. Huey has a special love for children and he loves going for walks on the farm.
To most people's surprise, he can and will canter over small jumps if given the opportunity but he's not a fan of water!



Tommy was born in 2011 and arrived end of 2021. He was trained as an eventing horse until he suffered an injury that means he can no longer jump or do dressage. He has kindly been gifted to us as a light riding horse and is very sweet and affectionate. Though sometimes he doesn't realize how big he is!

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