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Farm History - we are currently on Phase 3

Phase 1 - Complete

Hope Rising Farm Operational

  • Moved all equipment from old location at CYC

  • Renovated an existing 18x10m derelict barn into a functional modern stable complex

  • Fixed accessways to both sides of the barn

  • Transformed an old veggie-patch into a carpark and temporary sand arena area.

  • Removed and installed new fencing where required to form suitable paddocks

  • Installed multiple new runs of piping and troughs

  • Fenced off waterways with temporary electric fencing

  • Renovate Half Round barn so it can be used for light engineering projects

  • Remove existing power poles and underground cable to Half Round Barn


Phase 2 - Complete

New Arena and Additional Works

  • Earthworks to complete new 30mx50m arena (approx.) & round pen

  • Complete post and rail fencing around arena

  • Extend carpark

Phase 3 

Reception and Office PreFab buildings COMMENCING APRIL 2024

  • Prepare area for new reception and office buildings as per plan. Build two removable style buildings for reception/office area for staff (6mx3.5m approx).

  • Build yards, covered yards, wash bay, hitching rails

  • Continue 5wire fencing of wetlands and bush

  • Improve existing races drainage and surfaces

  • Cut new races where required

How can you help TODAY?

Contact Maria
for details:

How you can help our farm for programmes 

The farm is a working farm for our students to learn work and life skills and we are always in need of materials.

Examples below, please contact Rosie, our Farm Manager/Mentor if you have any of these lying around.  Email:

  • Fencing

    • Poles​

    • Tools - pliers, hammers, gate hinges etc.

    • Wire

    • Staples

  • Building

    • Cordless Drills​

    • Saw

  • Gardening

    • Gloves​

    • Loppers

    • Spades

Thank you for you support.

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