Our Programmes

Students can arrive unsure of themselves, many with personal challenges and its a privilege to see them forming a special bond
with a favourite horse, getting dirty around the farm, sharing about their lives, surprising themselves by facing fears, and leaving
with a renewed sense of achievement, identity and self-esteem.


Our programmes have some space to be adapted to suit participants,
so talk to us about your participants' needs.

Having vulnerable students working with our horses is really a small part of larger issues to do with family life and surrounding culture.
Students go home to the same environment, so we provide them with some tools hope, and resources to assist in their lives
and re-frame their situations.

Click on the programme you're interested in for more information. 

Programme Objectives


To build confidence, self-awareness, trust, personal boundaries.

Relating to Others

To create empathy, awareness of others, sensitivity and appropriate communication and behaviour.  


To function and communicate well as a team.

Communication Skills

To identify and activate diverse ways to communicate socially and personally

Critical Thinking

To learn to identify problems and challenges, assess and work out possible solutions.


Environment Awareness

To develop an appreciation and respect of the amazing world around them.


Identity and Belief

To discover their value, gifts, strengths, potential, and purpose. To encourage belief in who they are,
whilst building trust in their own abilities.

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