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Fun times at the Holiday Programme

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Eve, our Programme Manager, reflected with joy on the fun packed two weeks we had during our Term 3 School Holiday Programme

What a precious time with our tamariki, out in nature, working with animals, learning new skills, discovering their confidence, having fun and connecting with others. We had an absolutely amazing group of young people and volunteers.

The kids had fun outside in the sun and rain climbing hills, playing in mud, and building. huts. They enjoyed connecting with the horses, and other animals, brushing them, plaiting them, leading, riding, playing games, and even painting them.

"Really appreciate the wonderful holiday program my daughter joined. I can feel she has been obviously cheered up since the end of a sluggish school term. She told me she had great fun and tried new things on the farm. That's amazing. Thank you and your team again for providing the valuable learning opportunities to kids". Parent of Child

Eve explained a lovely moment she had one afternoon, she was standing at the barn doorway and heard multiple excited conversations whilst the parents came to pick up their kids. Things like ...

  • Come and look at my favourite horse, I’ll show you, he’s the best.

  • Today I got to trot on my horse, it was so cool.

  • Can we please come back next holidays?

  • Why can’t we stay here forever?

  • Vaulting was a blast.

What a lovely snapshot of the joyful times the kids had.

Feedback from the kids...

I liked plaiting the horse's hair, I liked making huts and vaulting. I liked getting the horses in the morning, I liked painting, playing games, grooming, playing with the horses, getting stuck in the mud, playing with sheep and dogs and watching Tango do his jumps.

I liked riding, playing with friends and with horses. I like vaulting and making our huts because we would really be creative, and I liked our obstacle course because we did different things that I haven’t seen before.”
I liked trotting with Cinnamon, and it felt free. I liked making huts in nature and making a unicorn horn for Geronimo.
We are already looking forward to the next Holiday Programme.

Come and join us!


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