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Activities to Skills

Tools to help throughout life

Our mentors use the horses and the farm to provide participants with a variety of experiences so they can learn new skills, many activities can achieve more than one skill, below is only an example of what some activities might look like. Each person is different and therefore each of our programmes vary and students progress through in different ways and times.

Activities - Horse: 

  • Catching and haltering horses

  • Tying up horses

  • Grooming horses

  • Weighing and preparing feeds

  • Leading and handling skills

  • Maneuvering over obstacles

  • Learning horse behavior

  • Picking up horses feet

  • Painting and dressing up horses

  • Animal hang out time

  • Relays and horse games


Activities - Farm:

  • Bush walks

  • Adventures into the hills

  • Non horse-games

  • Planting natives, vegetables, soil types, weeds

  • Working with dogs

  • Fencing and paddock jobs

  • Use of tools

  • General farm maintenance

  • Drawing and painting

  • Craft

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