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Womens Restoration Support Worker TOWH Women Feedback

"When we started Hope Rising Program I was apprehensive because I was not comfortable around horses, that anxiety was quickly gone after support from staff, working alongside me to overcome this fear.


Our reintegration women, most of them, really enjoy the Hope Rising Program, they love the farm and it’s environment. Looking after a horse feeding, grooming, walking and hugging stroking is very beneficial for them, the women tell me this time with the horses is very special.


One of our women told me the other day, when I asked her how she feels about the program, her answer was she loved everything about the program, when she was young she used to be around horses and thought there was nothing new to learn, she is learning lots in the program.


I have been mostly an observer when our wahine work with a horse and interact with staff.
I am very impressed with what I have observed, the manner that Hope Rising staff interact with our wahine, they teach women about horses, how they build trust and listen to the women, when they talk about their journey at times.


This program has turned out to be a very important part of our program. Staff are professional, kind and very supportive towards our women.

My hope is that we will be part of this program for a long time to come."

Parent of Student Feedback

"Thanks to Hope Rising Farm, we now have a totally different child, it's not only helped T but the whole family.


T hardly has her melt downs now, she's sleeping a lot more than she was. We can go places now without planning it. She has even started to talk, hug her grandfather and other family members, before she wouldn't engage with them.


The farm and the people there are amazing, can't forget the animals too. It has totally changed T and our life for the better, we can now do things as a family and I'm getting more sleep. 


Our extended family has notice the change in T. 

I can't thank Hope Rising Farm enough.

They changed our lives for the better."

Participant Feedback TOWH Women


“Coming out here has been a blessing for me.

Tilly [one of our ponies] brought me so much peace spending time with her and bringing me out of the dark. Thank you."

“There is a nurturing spirit here.” 

“My time at the farm has been proactive, and I have been learning heaps, I loved it. When we first started the programme I loved it, good people and great animals, and now that I am at the end of the programme I wish it went for longer.


The staff and helpers at the farm were really great, and while I was here I learned about teamwork. I would tell someone else that this is a great experience and it is well worth it." 

“Hope Rising is a beautiful, safe, nurturing, encouraging, caring and accepting place.  

I learnt a lot about the horses, myself and other people. I feel like I have a foundation to continue working from. I have more self-confidence and self-worth.” 

Participant Feedback TOWH Youth


“Hope Rising is the best thing that ever
happened to me.”

“I felt able to be myself being here.” 

“I learnt about breathing well, leadership, learning to be open to learning, and communication.” 


"At the start I was nervous with the horses but at the end I felt knowledgeable.”

“I was challenged to be courageous and persistent.”

"The Buddy’s helped us a lot. They made me feel capable and smart.” 

“My time at the farm has been really fun, when we first started the programme I was not as smart about the horses as I am now, and now that I am at the end of the programme I am friends with some of the horses. I have noticed a change in my confidence, and I learned about the horses and their personalities. The staff and helpers at the farm were really nice, and something I liked a lot about coming here was the time I spent with the animals, Hope Rising Farm is the best place to see horses.”

Participant Feedback HOWHW


“I was at your beautiful farm this morning and just wanted to thank you for the opportunity. I think it's amazing the work you do with vulnerable youth and women, it's truly inspiring. I found spending time with the horses valuable. It was so wholesome and relaxing. Long may you continue to do this! ”  


We often receive feedback that warm our hearts and reinforces why we do what we do! 

Womens Restoration Support Worker
TOWH Women Feedback


''On behalf of Whakaoranga Waahine, Thank you all for your dedication, passion and hard work you commit to tirelessly to ensure the Hope Rising programme is beneficial for all who attend.


I have had the privilege of attending twice, and have listened to the wonderful koorero shared from the waahine in Whakaoranga Waahine. The programme offers hope, trust and a place of solace and safety for our waahine, on reflection many have said that they attend and it is one of the few places where they feel free from a world of judgement, even if it is just for a time.


The aroha/love and manaaki/hospitality shown from the staff is outstanding! The experience of bonding with the horses, allows the waahine to develop and grow so many different area’s in their own journeys such as confidence and it is a great healing tool. The program has the ability to be transformational in the lives of many.''

Parent of Student Feedback


“Since our child has been going to Hope Rising Farm she is a lot better within herself and she is gaining more confidence to try new things.


Our child is having less meltdowns as we prep our child for each Friday for visiting the farm.
From our child’s first visit where she wouldn’t get out of our car, to now getting out of the car, walking into the paddock and sitting at the table, our child enjoys colouring in the pictures and even now walking the miniature ponies and donkeys and feeding them as well.


Finally, we would like to thank the staff at Hope Rising Farm for their support and help working with our child and us, and we would recommend this wonderful place, Hope Rising Farm to anyone who needs pony/therapy for their children in need.”  


Participant Feedback TOWH


“My time at the farm was fun because it was new for me and something I had never done before. When we first started the programme I felt weird because I didn’t know what we were doing or the people, but now that I am at the end of the programme I feel a bit sad to leave, I want to come back again. I have special feelings towards all of the animals and I feel comfortable with the people here now too!”  

“Coming to the farm was good, I have loved my time here! When we first started I felt a bit anxious because it’s new stuff for me and ow that I’m at the end of the programme I feel sad but proud of myself with everything I have done, I noticed a change in my confidence, and I learned that I can do things that scare me. Each time coming here I really liked seeing everyone, including the horses. I would tell someone thinking about coming to HRF that they should definitely come. The staff and helpers were double thumbs up!."


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