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Enjoying some ladies time out

We had such a great turnout for our first Womens event, it was pretty unique having both the wellbeing aspect of our ponies and the creative aspect of making a Macrame basket.

Mostly though it was about a group of ladies, unwinding and chatting together and making new friends. The chocolate cake, chocolate strawberries and other nibbles gave a touch of eloquence.

The ponies came into the barn and worked their calming influence, and the stresses of the day began to disappear.

The basket making was all courtesy of Bunnings and Nancy came to instruct and demonstrate the art of Macrame to us all. Bunnings kindly provided the baskets, materials and plants.

At times the concentration was intense.....

But we all soon got the "hang" of it !!

We were pretty pleased with our efforts....

AND we got to take our masterpieces home....

It was as successful evening all round; simple, relaxing, creative, and relationship building. All those who attended contributed to supporting the charity and work of Hope Rising Farm.

We plan to hold more of these events next year and would be delighted if you came and joined in.


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