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Hope Rising Farm provides an empowering journey for vulnerable youth and women to develop life skills, confidence, trust, and respect, by partnering with our friendly horses and donkeys. They learn to trust, have confidence in themselves and others in a relaxed environment through learning horsemanship skills and contributing to farm tasks. Working with the horses and on the farm, they can practice skills in a safe and fun learning environment and realise that in changing themselves, they have the power to influence the world around them.

The reality for some of our young people is that difficult life and family circumstances, poor choices, or addiction to drugs and alcohol can put them out of step and in the wrong direction, where poor lifestyle choices are made. Youth in foster care are more likely than youth not in care to have emotional, behavioral and developmental problems, including conduct disorders, depression, difficulties in school and impaired social relationships. Horses don’t care what you look like, or what clothes you wear. They don’t care where you’ve been or what you know. They offer unconditional friendship based on leadership, trust and respect. 

Though we don’t have a focus on any ethnicity or race, the students who come are predominately Maori, so the following statistics are relevant. In 2013, the total number of Maori youth in Ngaruawahia to Taupiri to Huntly area was estimated to be 1086, The total number of all youth was approximately 1999 and approximately 288 were not in employment, any education or training. Equally concerning is the number of younger students (under 15 yrs) who are at risk of becoming one of these statistics and who would benefit from our services. There are hundreds and hundreds more in our communities. 

Our Vision

Empowering vulnerable students, youth and women, to live lives filled with hope and equipped with the life skills to make a difference in their own lives, their families and their communities. 

Our Mission

To develop, govern and provide a professional wellbeing facility, serving and empowering vulnerable students, youth, and women - serving the Waikato region; especially Ngaruawahia, Taupiri and Huntly.

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