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Rabobank Support

Recently we were lucky enough to have a team from Rabobank offer their time to come and support Hope Rising Farm. Each year the staff at Rabobank are given a day to support organisations in their community, and this year we were the teams selection.

There are no shortage of jobs for our volunteers, but the biggest need was some planting/potting and weeding.

Previously, we had been donated a heap of plants for us to beautify the area around our arena. Some of these plants needed to be repotted to plant in the Autumn and with the spring growth we have had recently, weeding has been our teams #1 job.

Having the Rabobank teams help made a big job for our small team, achievable. As the saying goes "many hands make light work".

A huge thank you to the Rabobank Team, we look forward to seeing you again next year.

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